We will need to contact you as part of our investigation, so please ensure you provide your contact details. If the data breach concerns your team or department, you and your colleagues may also be asked to assist with notifying affected individuals (where that is necessary) and to help prepare a notification to the Information Commissioner (where notification is required).

Section 1 - The Data Subject

Note: This is the individual that the information requested relates to.

About You

Current Address

Previous Address

Section 2 - Proof of Identification

To prove the applicant's identity, we need to see copies of two pieces of identification. One from list A and one From list B. Note: One of these must be identification with a photo.

List A List B
Photo Driving Licence Utility bill showing current address(no more than 3 months old)
Photo Passport/Travel Document Bank statement or Building Society Book (no more than 3 months old)
Student ID Card Birth Certificate
Staff ID Card Children under 16: Full birth certificate
Foreign National Identity Card Children under 16: court order(s)

Tip: You can send us a scan of your identification. Please make sure these are clearly visible and ensure you include both sides where required. Example: Include scans / photos of the front and back of your photo driving licence

Section 3 - Details of the Incident

Incident Details


Please check your information before submitting


I certify that the information given on this form is true. I understand that it may be necessary for BMet to confirm my/the Data Subject’s identity.

Help and FAQ's

Q: Do I have to fill out the Data Breach Form online?
A: No, you can also download a copy of the Data Breach Form Form as a Word document here. You can fill this in and either post it to us or email it as an attachment to Though we recommend using the online form where possible as it's easier for our teams and for you to keep track of.
Q: Where can I get a copy BMet's Data Protection Policy?
A: You can download / view a copy of our Data Protection Policy directly from our website BMet Data Protection Policy.